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About Methodrone
"This is a super good album. Really like the melodies, atmosphere and grooves. Great job!"

- Hernan Cattaneo
"This is going straight on the ipod and likely staying on there until the next Methodrone LP. On a quick scan The Things You Remember sounds like a corker for the dancefloor too..."

- Lifecycle
"Entry Level and Exit Level are spacious
and beautiful. Wide varierty on this one."

- JDubya

"I always enjoy Methodrone's music. A good solid blend of atmospherics and textures without forgetting the oh so important rhythmic elements. Spacey and fun, this record is a very thought provoking."

- VIP Ultima

Download the digital liner notes here!
"...still listen to the first album and this one rises above and delves into the mind...this music has a heart."

- Jerry Bonham